DLP Solutions [Data Loss Prevention]

DLP Solutions [Data Loss Prevention]


CBS IT Systems Cyprus proposes DLP solutions [Data Loss Prevention] to improve information security for company’s end user and his device.


DLP products detect corporate data in storage, or on move, in real time and evaluate if they fulfill security policies or violate them. If needed they automatically apply default actions, such as informing the user and the administrator, quarantinedata encryptiondenial of Sensitive data transfer (to personal cloud drives, personal emails, USB drives) etc.


In short, DLP solution is a set of technology tools and processes (classification / labeling) to ensure that sensitive data will not be leaked.


Because of GDPR regulation, more and more companies choose to install DLP, to protect sensitive data from leakage. Companies apply DLP for a variety of reasons as to:


  • Protect institutional, proprietary, and sensitive information from security threats that caused by increased user mobility and new communication channels.
  • Prevent wrong use of data on terminal devices (desktops /laptops/Smartphones/Tables)
  • Protect against employee’s error or criminal intent
  • Define security policies on data transfer and enforce them
  • Protect Data at Email Gateway and cloud
  • Enforce compliance with regulations


CBS IT SYSTEMS CYPRUS can manage similar specialized projects with its fully trained team of certified engineers and implement them efficiently.


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About CBS IT Systems


CBS IT Systems Cyprus LTD is a leading Cyprus company that specializes in Information Technology and Telecommunications. Its aim is to cover the needs of Private and Public Enterprises, as well as specific Vertical Sectors and to provide superior quality technology products, services and “Turn Key Solutions, in order to maximize productivity and competitiveness".

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