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Today's competitive economy requires an infrastructure that can be flexible enough to support the changing needs of a business while minimizing operating costs and meeting the demands of high-performance data centers to allow you to manage your technological infrastructure more efficiently.





Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Server

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Server offers an easy and economical solution for any company. It is a system specially designed to meet the computing and storage requirements of the edge.

This is a server designed specifically for the unique requirements of edge computing and AI. Its size makes transportation very easy. Withstands harsh conditions such as low temperature, humidity and dust.

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Lenovo ThinkAgile MX

Lenovo ThinkAgile MX Certified Nodes are designed for deploying highly available, highly scalable hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and software-defined storage (SDS) from Microsoft on Lenovo enterprise platforms. The ThinkAgile MX Certified Nodes deliver fully validated and integrated Lenovo hardware and firmware that is certified for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solutions.

It offers quick and convenient path to implement a hyperconverged solution powered by Windows Server 2016 or 2019 Datacenter with Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) with a wide range of selection options for processors, memory, storage, and network connectivity.







Lenovo ThinkAgile MX1021

Computing resources are needed not just in the data center, but remotely as well. However, for performance reasons, remote data-generating devices must be close to computing and storage resources. Hence the Lenovo ThinkAgile MX 1021 Edge server.

 Its small footprint and power efficiency allow for reliable server-class performance at many Edge locations. With additional benefits of ruggedness and variety of mounting options, these servers are ideal for small locations. Azure Stack HCI certification adds the reliability, high availability and security of HCI to these versatile Edge servers.

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