The Sector of Information Technology and Infrastructures (IT Infrastructure) includes the all essential Information Technology equipment (Hardware and Operating Software, Middleware, Consumables, Parts) and networks which are essential grounds for the operation of any Enterprise, Organization or Office.

CBS IT undertakes the planning, study, proposal and the development of simple and in-depth projects, the necessary equipment and infrastructures, and the necessary short and long term technical support. Cosmos supplies Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that supply additional services executed by sales and technical professionals that are certified in their respective fields (see the related certification tables).The offered equipment, from leading brands such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, and Symantec guarantee the uninterrupted operation and output in a completed environment - end to end integration.

All the hardware comes with a warranty coverage (Cosmos is an Authorized Service Partner for most top brands) in addition to extended support through additional technical coverage (see the related chapter).The categories covered by this section include the following:


IT Infrastructure Solutions

1.IT Hardware

a. Servers, Data Center equipment & monitoring
b. Data center design Construction
c. Storage, High Availability Systems
d. Networking and Data Communication Devices,Security, Wireless, Routing & Switching
e. Network Infrastructure
f. Virtualization
g. System Software
h. Systems Management
i. PC’s
j. Notebooks, PDA’s, Handhelds
k. Back Up & DLP
l. Printers (all categories)
m. Printing & Plotting
n. Managed Print Services
o. All-In-One Multifunction Devices (Multifunction Printers - MFP’s)
p. POS & Retail Solutions
q. Scanners, Scanning Devices - all sizes
r. Plotters - Design Devices - all sizes
s. Monitors
t. IT Peripherals
u. IT Consumables & Peripherals
v. Spare Parts


2.Telecom & Office Automation Hardware

a. Switch Boards, PBX’s
b. Mobile Devices
c. Faxes, IP Faxes
d. Copiers
e. Cash Registers & POS
f. Tax Machines (eafdss)
g. TV screens for presentations (LCD & Plasma)
h. Presentation Devices, Surveillance Devices, Security Systems


3.Software System / Utilities / Internet / Mobile Services / Middleware

a. Licences
b. Add - On’s
c. Upgrades
d. Contracts - Enterprise Agreements (EA)
e. Internet Licences and Connections
f. Internet Applications and Services
g. Mobile/Telecom Licences and Services



a. Hardware
b. Printing
c. Media
d. Software
e. Stationery
f. Other